Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017 License Agreement

noviembre 30, 2020 leedeforest

When you purchase software, you purchase the right or license to use the software in accordance with C.A. To clarify and without restriction, the above does not allow the customer to install or access the software (directly or through commands, data or instructions): (a) by or to a computer that is not part of the customer`s internal network; b) for activating web-managed working groups or publicly available web hosting services; (c) by any individual or corporation that wishes to use, download, copy or otherwise use the functionality of the software, unless it has received a license from Adobe; (d) as part of a system, workflow or service that can be accessed by more than one authorized number of users; or (e) for operations that are not initiated by a single user (for example. B automated server processing). 16.1.1 This agreement does not affect the legal rights of a party, including those acting as consumers. For New Zealand consumers who purchase the software for personal, domestic or private (non-professional) use, this agreement is subject to the Consumer Guarantee Act. This section contains specific provisions for certain products and components of the software, as well as limited exceptions to the terms and conditions above. To the extent that one provision in this section is at odds with another clause or condition of this agreement, the terms of this section will take over from that other clause or condition. If you own an Adobe product with a single user license or volume, or if you are the primary user of an Adobe product installed on a computer at work, you can also install and use the software on a secondary computer on the same platform at home or on a laptop. However, you cannot run the software simultaneously on the primary and secondary computer. If a part of this agreement is found to be null and void, it will have no bearing on the validity of the balance of this contract, which remains valid and applicable on its terms. This agreement can only be amended in writing, signed by an Authorized Adobe staff member.

The English version of this agreement is the version used for the interpretation or interpretation of this contract. This is the complete agreement between Adobe and the customer regarding the software and replaces all prior insurance, discussions, companies, communications or advertisements regarding the software.