Agreement Of The Offer

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5. OBLIGATIONS AND RIGHTS OF THE PARTIES 5.1. PETERS WALK AG: 5.1.1. From the date of the agreement, you provide services to the customer in accordance with their list and the quality requirements set out in this Agreement. 5.1.2. Notify the customer of changes and additions to planned events. 5.1.3. Do not disclose the client`s private information and do not allow third parties to access that information, unless provided for by law. 5.1.4. Allow customers to provide free telephone advice on the phone numbers listed on the server. The scope of consultations is limited by specific issues related to service delivery.

5.1.5. Fulfill the commitments made to provide services to the customer. The licensee reserves the right not to provide services in the event of force majeure. 5.2. PETERS WALK Ltd is entitled to: 5.2.1. Unilaterally change this agreement and service rates by providing this contract on the server at: at least ten (10) days before it comes into effect. 5.2.2. Refuse a service contract that the customer is aware of ice formation. 5.3. Customer has: 5.3.1. Before the date of the agreement, check the content of the offer agreement, the terms of the agreement and the rates offered by the contractor on the web server ( 5.3.2.

Quick payment of services. 3. GENERAL PROVISIONS 3.1. Relationships for the protection of consumer rights are governed by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Consumer Rights Protection Act and other federal laws and acts of the Russian Federation adopted in accordance with the law. 3.2. This offer governs the procedure and conditions of sale of the services and the obligations of the contractor and the client with respect to this obligation. 3.3. Services can only be sold to the customer on the terms of this offer and only if accepted completely and absolutely. Partial acceptance or receipt under other conditions is not permitted. 3.4. In order to cooperate with the contractor as an agent, the legal entities must enter into the corresponding written agreement. The rules of this offer apply to these agreements, unless otherwise stipulated in the agreement between the client and the contractor.

3.5. For the purchase of services, individuals and corporations charge them on the basis of a contract to be provided.