Agreement Rules In Sri Lanka

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1. Agreement between two or more parties – The basis of a contract is an agreement between two or more people. Both parties must agree on the purpose of the contract. There should be an offer and acceptance between two or more parties. In order to protect the tenant from the point of view of the priority rules contained in the regulation of the register, it is necessary that the lease be duly registered in the land registry. English law has imposed itself in Sri Lanka, in part by statutes which themselves have adopted english law, on the one hand by tacit adoption by means of judicial decisions and, on the other hand, by the tacit application of English legal terms (Weeramantry, page 44). 2.2 Acceptance. All orders received are subject to written acceptance by the BBLK. Each order is considered an offer to purchase and, if accepted, is entirely or partially derived from a contract under the terms of this Agreement. All order assumptions made by BBLK («confirmation of order») are made in the form of an order confirmation containing accepted quantities of products, price, delivery cost if applicable, and expected delivery date («target date»). It is clear from the above discussion that an agreement expressly providing that it cannot be buried or that it is a mere «honour clause» would not create a legally enforceable contract in Sri Lanka. [Weeramantry, page 158].

For leases, certain legal procedures must be respected. The anti-fraud regulation provides that no contract of promise or agreement for the finding of land (except an at will lease or for a maximum of one month) is in effect or is not in force, unless it is signed in writing, in the presence of a notary and two witnesses. 8.14 Representations with respect to foreign laws. The buyer (where a company operating in a jurisdiction outside Sri Lanka) acknowledges that the company is not fully aware of the laws, rules, regulations and policies of any jurisdiction in Sri Lanka and that the entity has entered into this agreement with the buyer (and will execute that agreement), based on the following assurances and guarantees that the buyer has provided on the date of this agreement and at each date when the product is shipped or sold. , this contract, the relationship established by this convention or its execution is contrary to the laws, rules, regulations or policies of a competent government, commission, agency or instrumentality in which the purchaser operates. (c) Section 10, Money Loan Regulations (Cap 80) – a provision that a charger voucher is void if it is not accompanied by a written agreement specifying separately the principal amount and interest rate. A lease agreement is a contract by which a person agrees to give the use of a property on another period until the lease is terminated by a notice of one of the parties. The person who agrees to give use of the property is designated as the owner and the person who promises to pay the rent for the use of the property is the tenant. Contract law is concerned about the legal applicability of promises. In this context, a contract can be characterized as an agreement that makes the law pass (the Court of Justice). This notion of applicability is essential for contract law.