Trade Agreements Between Egypt And Saudi Arabia

diciembre 18, 2020 leedeforest

Both objectives are being pursued through intergovernmental efforts to reorganize Saudi Arabia`s business environment. Changes to the legal and regulatory environment governing trade and investment promise a long-term vision of economic growth, even if concrete short-term results are not yet assured. The other most important Saudi daily, Arab News, admits that Egypt and Saudi Arabia have not always been on an equal footing, but suggests that recent developments in the region have helped the two countries understand that they must cooperate closely in the interests of political and economic stability: «Travel is important on many levels. In its most fundamental way, this is clear evidence that the two main Arab countries are not at all divided, as some commentators have suggested. Relations between the kingdom and Egypt are deep. Egyptians play a valuable role in the Saudi economy and represent most of the Arabs who work here. Meanwhile, Saudi investors continue to play a key role in Egypt…. It is essential that Egypt continue to play its leadership role in the Arab world and that it helps to control Iranian interference in the affairs of other Arab states…. At a time when so many dangers surround it, the Muslim world cannot afford to divide. No one could be better qualified than King Salman to be the guardian of peace between these two great Muslim states.

There is no doubt about that. The kingdom will do everything in its time to improve relations between Egypt and Turkey. His main idea is rooted in the OIC. In other words, the Muslim ummah must be guided by peace, education and cooperation. In a recent editorial, the national editorial focuses more on the theme of economic aid and investment and characterizes it as a symbolic link between two continents: «There is no doubt that Saudi investments will stimulate the Egyptian economy through trade and tourism, as it will open a new route for pilgrims visiting holy sites in Saudi Arabia…. The bridge project, which is expected to cost between $3 billion and $4 billion, will complement Mr. El Sisi`s long-term strategy to stimulate the economy and create jobs through mega-projects. This vision became clear when the President opened a major extension of the Suez Canal last year. A strong Egypt is also essential for the security of this region…. However, both Egypt and Saudi Arabia will be aware that this project represents a huge technical challenge.