Utla Tentative Agreement August 2020

diciembre 19, 2020 leedeforest

With coronavirus figures in the region down sharply, the Los Angeles United School District and the teachers` union announced an interim agreement Monday on how to use distance learning in the fall. Efforts will focus on providing a structured school day, with campuses remaining closed due to coronavirus. Last week, UTLA said it rejected a PROPOSAL by LAUSD to order its teachers from virtually empty classrooms when the school year resumes the week of August 17. It is not clear how this was put in place in the new agreement. Among the highlights of the interim agreement between the two parties are: a provisional agreement between LAUSD and the teachers` agreement would allow students to take three to four hours of live lessons per day, but some parents expressed concerns. (CBSLA) «When LAUSD`s school campuses closed in March, educators, parents and students had to adapt to an emergency moment in a matter of days. This time, it was important to reconsider the challenges and take into account feedback from this experience – using information from a consultation with parents and members and feedback from members – which is reflected in this final agreement,» said Arlene Inouye, co-chair of the UTLA negotiating organization. The agreement will then be submitted to the LAUSD School Board for a vote and a vote by UTLA members next week. If the agreement is ratified by UTLA members, it will remain in effect until December 31, 2020 or until students physically return to LAUSD schools for regular education. UTLA and LAUSD will continue to negotiate the conditions necessary for the physical reopening of schools.

Some highlights of the TA: The Los Angeles District Unified School District and the Los Angeles Teachers` negotiating team got the deal late Sunday night after a marathon weekend trading session, UTLA reported on social media. «This agreement is given by educators, students and parents. This agreement is not an end point – it is a start,» said Cecily Myart-Cruz, president of UTLA. We need to invest more resources to create safe and healthy schools and build on this agreement, responding to the responses of educators, parents and students. LOS ANGELES (CBLA) – After weeks of negotiations, the country`s second-largest school district and its teachers have agreed on how to continue distance learning in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. LOS ANGELES – UTLA and LAUSD reached an interim agreement on Sunday evening that meets UTLA`s top priorities for protecting the health and safety of staff and students. Bridging the digital divide by «smart start» in the school year and promoting technology; Strengthening distance education in times of crisis to maintain the daily life of the school; Extending socio-emotional support during this period of trauma; and ensure the discretion and flexibility of educators by recognizing the unprecedented circumstances in which we live. In a briefing Monday morning, Beutner did not directly address the preliminary agreement. However, he reiterated that the number of coronavirus cases in L.A. County and the test rate will determine when students will be able to return to campus. L.A. County currently has a positivity rate of 8.3%. In addition, the union anticipates that there will be no «assessment of permanent teachers in 2020-21.» A group of parents of students made a statement late Monday afternoon on the proposal that it is not the borough`s responsibility to educate all students. As of Monday, 38 counties have been on the state`s watch list because of the number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.