Wga Literary Material Assumption Agreement

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Once the author makes a step, you pay the highest negotiated pay or the applicable MBA minimum. Payment must be made within 48 hours of the delivery of the literary material. A delay in payment of 1.5% per month for all unpaid and due allowances occurs immediately after 7 days after delivery. If the author was initially commissioned to write on a low-budget television project, and the budget was subsequently increased, you confirm that the remuneration meets or exceeds the minimum MBA level applicable for the new budget. (Article 13.B.9. If this is not the case, additional compensation must be paid to the author in order to meet or exceed the minimum applicable to the new budget. The WGA is entitled to financial insurance with regard to the image in order to ensure compliance with image obligations. In the case of images that employ DGA and/or the SAG-AFTRA core agreement, the WGA`s safety interest will be combined simultaneously and in the same form as the security interest for SAG-AFTRA and/or DGA. The DGA and SAG-AFTRA are cooperating with the WGA to obtain the financial assurances necessary for the WGA as a convenience for the producer group and to ensure consistency in the provision of financial insurance to the aforementioned guilds, including, but not limited to, guaranteeing security agreements, inter-creditor agreements, subordination agreements, guarantee agreements, a residual reserve or a collection account management agreement.

If you have any questions about financial insurance, please contact the signature department at (323) 782-4514. (Article 47) The Writers Guild of America is the organization that negotiates core collective contracts (MBAs), National, Network, PBS, etc.) with the Alliance of Photo and Television Producers and Studios. Employers can register via the AMPTP or contact the guild directly. The Pension and Health Fund cannot accept contributions unless a company has signed a collective agreement, acquisition or distribution contract. Please contact the Signatory Departments of Writer`s Guild East at (212) 767-7837 / www.wgaeast.org or Writers Guild West at (323) 782-4514/www.wga.org The author has the right to visit the ensemble and bring a reasonable number of guests. If an author requests a specific visit, the company must arrange a visit at an appropriate time. The Director reserves the right to authorize such a visit, as the material recorded, privacy considerations, the personal dynamics of interpreters or other key persons, or for many other reasons. (Appendix E: Writer-Director Collaboration – Television) Do not ask a writer to provide conditional services and payments when accepting or approving material, receiving funding or any event other than the actual provision of writing services. It is forbidden «speculative writing.» (Article 20.B.) When discussing possible employment, authors should be allowed along with company representatives to make the final creative decision to hire writers. Two meetings at the request of the company constitute a history obligation and the author must be paid for this story at the current minimum remuneration.