Xcode 8 Stuck At License Agreement

diciembre 22, 2020 leedeforest

For some ports and some versions of Xcode (z.B. libunwind-headers with Xcode 4.4 or any version of Xcode 5), you may need to accept the license as root, i.e. there have been xcode-select reports that do not refer to the new Xcode location for some users after upgrading an Xcode version from 4.3. If you have problems, even with the latest version of MacPorts and xcode-select -print-path don`t print/Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer on your system, or you need to use xcode-select –switch first to change Xcode version if you have multiple Xcode apps on your system. Error message: «Invalid Active Developer Path (Library/Developer/CommandLineTools)» or «Don`t find utility «xcodebuild,» no developer tool or in PATH» How about the brau-doctor essay, or the installation of command-line-tool again by xcode-select-install or xcode-select-reset? After installing XCode 6 and running, the license dialog box will appear. I click «Accept.» And that`s it… Nothing. The dialogue is still in place. Solution: You must sign up for developer.apple.com of your developer account and accept the latest license agreement. Note that if you installed Xcode 4.2 after installing Mac OS X 10.7.3, you may have an older version of the xcode-select tool. If the command returns the 2003 version of xcode-select version, it`s Xcode 4.2 and we recommend you reinstall the update with the Mac OS X 10.7.3 Combo Updater.

The current version of xcode-select, which comes with Mac OS X 10.7.3, identifies itself as version 2307. Xcode has just been installed and the license agreement will appear. I click accept and type my password. Then stay there. I can click as much as I want, but it won`t go through the license agreement. I haven`t been able to use Xcode yet. After installing the update to Xcode 7.2, port installations or upgrades with xcodebuild may fail due to an error in installing Xcode with the following error. This was corrected by Apple in Xcode 7.3. Try using xcodebuild to accept the license. Leave Xcode and run the following: Sometimes you may not get stuck. It can only be some time because of other E/A on the system. However, if it is really blocked, please make a sys diagnosis and switch a radar to bugreport.apple.com before restarting.

Q: Xcode remained stuck in the license agreement. I can`t open it! Less you can then restart Xcode 6 and the license works. Tested with Xcode 6 beta 2. After a lot of pain, the problem finally seems quite simple. It comes from the flags specified on the plist file that contains the Xcode license data. Open a terminal and check it: on systems before 10.9, you need to open Xcode, switch to Settings and download this component from the Downloads section. To download the component, you need an Apple ID. From Mavericks, you can install the command line tools by running xcode-select –installs in the command line. The tclConfig.sh file was included in the Mac OS X database in previous versions, but was moved in 10.9 in the Xcode Command Line tools. These are normally installed when you run clang for the first time after you have accepted the Xcode license, but the execution of the configured script will not run clang until after the Tcl check. The easiest way to force the installation is to run: Thanks for creating this box. I have a problem trying to accept XCode license agreements with vagrant ssh.

I get this: New box have accepted the default license, so I`ll agree to keep instructions in readme. (Tnx to @stopiccot) You have not accepted Xcode licensing agreements. You must accept both licensing agreements in order to use Xcode.