Agreement Publish

abril 8, 2021 leedeforest

(1) Single Song Agreement: A Single Song Deal is an agreement between the author and the music publisher in which the author grants certain rights to a publisher for one or more songs. For individual song chords, the author receives a unique repairable advance. [8] Researchers have the copyright to their research publication (scientific work). The main purpose of the publishing contract is for researchers to transfer all or part of this copyright to the publisher, so that the publisher can legally publish the book. Withdrawals are assessed on the basis of whether the main conclusion of the document is no longer in force or whether it is seriously undermined by subsequent information that the authors knew nothing about at the time of publication. In the case of experimental work, this may include other experiments of the authors or others that do not confirm the most important experimental conclusion of the initial publication. Readers who wish to draw the attention of the editorial board members to published work requiring revocation should first contact the authors of the original document and then write to the publishing team, including copies of correspondence with the authors (whether or not the correspondence has been resolved). The editorial team and the editor will be advised by the arbitrators when they feel that the information will call into question the main conclusions of the published document. The threat of biological weapons raises the unusual need to assess the balance between risks and benefits at the time of publication. Editorial board members may not be the best qualified to make such judgments without assistance and, therefore, we reserve the right to provide expert advice in cases where we believe that concerns may arise. We recognize the widely held view that scientific openness helps to warn society against and defend against potential threats, and we assume that risks are only very rarely (if any) considered preponderant when the benefits of publishing a document that has otherwise been considered appropriate for scientific reporting outweigh.

Nevertheless, we believe that these risks should be taken into account and that a formal policy should be adopted to deal with them when necessary. The sequences of all RNAi, Antisense and Morpholino probes must be included in the paper or placed in a public database with the indicated membership number. When an unpublished library is included in the document, at least the sequences of the probes that are essential to the document`s conclusions must be presented. When an author reuses a number published elsewhere or protected by copyright, the author must provide the documents that the publisher or previous copyright holder has given to the publication of the number.