Cox Service Agreement

abril 8, 2021 leedeforest

I called and spent several hours going back and forth with everyone from customer service staff to CFOs to the credit bureau to get this corrected. It was not done in time for the purchase of my vehicle, so I refused for any requested loan. In need of a vehicle, I first had to take it on a lease-out, which cost me an extra $4080 after everything was applied. The lack of means to bring legal action prevented me from entering the justice of what was done to me. It still brings me to this day, it`s been over a year since I had Services from Cox. I tried to give them a shot at the profits of my business today because I really have no other option, other than the fact that I have no Internet at all. I bought my equipment to own them. They needed a professional technician to install my device because there was no one here in a year. This is an additional $75. Do NOT get COX communication unless you love spending time on the phone calling them every month to solve ongoing issues. When I went to the scanner and had COX, I learned very quickly that they do not keep their word, or even in black and white on paper.

As a new customer, I received an offer for a new service that was a 24-month contract with no increase. After 1 year, the price of the contract increased by 55 $US and after about 10 calls and 3 trips to their store that showed them the offer in the post office, I was told that nothing could be done on the price, because at the time of my new contract, the customer service employee used a code that had a price ban for 1 year vs 2 years and that offer disappeared. nothing can be done. I specifically asked them to confirm that my other services, such as DVR and HBO, were included in this $124.99 tax offer. She admitted she did. When I went to pay the bill, I was shocked to see that the total cost was an incredible $232.05. The amount I paid before was about $185 a month. Of course, I would never have agreed to change the price-raising services. I accepted the change because it would result in a reduction in my monthly bill. That`s how I called Cox on July 5th and 6th to decide.

I spent more than 2 hours on the phone talking to 5 different representatives. The first two admitted to seeing the notes on my account regarding the citation.