Single Case Agreement Pdf

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A single off-grid case agreement, also known as sCA, is an agreement between Trillium and an unrelated network provider that wishes to provide services to a member. Single case agreements are member-specific, are not limited to more than 5 members, and network providers must obtain Trillium`s permission before serving additional members. Before requesting an SCA from Trillium, a supplier must confirm that there are no in-network providers capable of providing the service. To confirm, suppliers need to do: Trillium works with practitioners and supplier agencies to strengthen the public interest by providing staff-centric services and supports. This is obtained by Trillium and the provider of a contract contract for the provision of services. The two main types of contractual agreements include the purchase contract and the single network case agreement. The purchase agreement has been revised and will come into effect on November 1, 2020. Fully bound practitioners and suppliers who have a contract that expires on or after November 1, 2020 will receive the revised contract at the expiry of their current contract. If there are no network providers, the off-network network provider should contact Trillium Utilization Management before sending the request to identify the medical need.

The OON application form and support documentation can be sent to Contract Service 1 on 3 options: Utility Management can be contacted 1 out of 3: For best results, please save the Adobe PDF form on a local reader on your computer before filling out the form. If you have questions about out of Network Request Form or process, you can send Trillium to by email. Once the medical necessity has been established, the contract service provider must have a form filled out for the agreement with a single case, with the required forms and supporting documents. Lack of information and vagueness leads to delays in this process. The purchase agreement is issued to practitioners and supplier agencies who have completed the Trillium registration process and are considered qualified to participate in the Trillium Provider network. The purchase contract is for a maximum of three years and is the preferred method of awarding. Network providers (with full contracts) should not use the off-network requirements process or send the network sending form. Network providers should contact network development by email at when a service need is recognized for a particular member. Please dispose of the following at the time of application: Nc Tracks is the national multi-person health management system used by the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services (NC DHHS).

All providers that provide services to members must register on NC Tracks. In addition, all suppliers must have appropriate licenses, accreditations and registrations necessary for their facilities and staff, while providing services to Trillium members.