Wolfram Mathematica License Agreement

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VPAT: www.wolfram.com/legal/accessibility/wolfram-mathematica/ A separate Mathematica Home Use license is available at no additional cost to Cornell employees and teachers who purchased the current Mathematica licenses. Any use of the Software and other product items that are not expressly authorized in the «Authorized Uses» section of this license agreement is prohibited. Below is a partial list of prohibited uses of the product. This license does not allow you to do so: within sixty (60) days of the execution of this Agreement, you agree to provide WRI with the name (s) of the manager, system administrator and/or webmaster responsible for monitoring or maintaining a website using the license granted by this Agreement. They give phone numbers and email addresses for each of these people. It is your responsibility to ensure that this information is updated; the provision and accuracy of this information are conditions for maintaining the validity of the agreement. For more information about the license, click here: www.mbar.dtu.dk/Math-site/vejledning.html employees and teachers should not use installers linked by this site to install Mathematica on anyone-owned computers! This would be contrary to Cornell`s licensing agreement with Wolfram. Network: a control or calculation process (or a product containing one or more of these processes) that can be moved to different computers within the licensed network or networks, without the need to apply the system`s transmission. Subject to your agreement and compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Mathematica License Agreement and any relevant website license, you grant WRI a non-exclusive license for the use of Mathematica and wolfram Language integration software in one or more specific-use websites by linking your interface to the software. If you are interested in the Home Use license, please follow the link below and request a Wolfram that will send a custom copy to your home. The Mathematica license from the University of California, Santa Barbara can be used for Grid Computing. If you would like to use Mathematica for parallel computation in a dedicated cluster or in a distributed grid environment, please contact Paul Fish of Wolfram Research.

Wolfram Mathematica`s license agreement® available under www.wolfram.com/legal/agreements/wolfram-mathematica is added by reference. By accepting this agreement, you accept the license agreement of Wolfram Mathematica. For more information about the software, visit Wolfram www.wolfram.com/mathematica/`s website. 1. DTU students can obtain a license by browsing the tungsten activation key page and creating an account. You agree to cooperate with WRI to allow access to your secure system or secure network, as long as it is necessary to achieve the limited objective of assessing the compliance of private and/or intranet websites covered by the agreement. You and the WRI agree to take appropriate steps to meet this requirement in a way that avoids potential inconvenience to users and minimizes the disclosure of confidential information. At your discretion, WRI plans to enter into an appropriate confidentiality agreement with you before accessing your (s) or secure network (s). Under no circumstances do you deny WRI access to your secure system or secure networks to assess compliance for more than seven (7) days after WRI`s request.