Bemer Rental Agreement

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Once you have decided to rent a BEMER treatment device, a training interview is scheduled to explain the use and proper implementation of the BEMER device. Instructions are provided on how to maximize your use of BEMER. Additional email and phone support is available during your rental period. We offer free ground ups shipping in both directions. The tracking number is included in the rental price. If necessary, a fee is charged for the UPS supplement. Full information page: excellent service and professionalism at all levels! Our Bemer rental unit arrived perfectly clean and disinfected. Bmat and Bpad have even been sealed in plastic. The excellent service we received was first class from start to finish. We recommend Life Improved for all our rental needs. Honestly, I can`t imagine a way to improve the situation. My clients were not only very satisfied with the ease of the rental process, but I was really relieved to have this service available.

Fabulous and so convenient! It`s such a help for me and my customers, and I`m sure it will be a sale for me. The delivery time is not taken into account on your rental period. You have access to the equipment for each day you paid for. They offer great service and amazing customer service! You are always quick to react, appropriate to bring the contract to the customer, and I am grateful that you have always had rentals at my disposal. They have helped me meet the needs of customers when my rentals are not available. I feel very far away. Rental times begin the day after collection of the BEMER Pro-Set in Sharon, MA or upon shipment the day after the first delivery attempt. The rental period ends the day following the end of the rental period. Shipping times are excluded from your rental period. Facebook:

Business Site: My lease with Life Improved was one of the best rentals I`ve ever experienced. Scott went above and beyond to help me live Bemer. He was very helpful and attentive and did everything to deliver, set up and explain how to use the Bemer. Bemer GOs are the new BEMER CLASS 2 medical devices. Each rental includes: All rentals require a minimum duration of 2 weeks. You get the best results from your BEMER therapy with a monthly rent. These rentals are available for local pickup in Sharon, Massachusetts, or we can send them to any valid address in the United States (UNITED States), except Alaska and Hawaii. We cover the expedition in both directions! Return label included in the rental price.

Read the special report from the National Institutes of Health, which summarizes its two-day workshop with many of the country`s top scientists and clinicians in the microvascular field. Perhaps the highest confirmation of the science behind BEMER is our collaboration with NASA. We have been chosen as cooperation partners for the development of the next generation of spacesuits. pave the way for the integration of BEMER technology into human space. You`ve done a fantastic job! I couldn`t be happier and will continue to use your service and recommend you! Scott has provided us with all the information and advice we need to get started. The equipment was in excellent condition and we had connections to better understand how the Bemer could help us. Very grateful to have had a wonderful experience with this company. The process went smoothly and the customer service was excellent! I can only highly recommend her! There is usually a waiting list of 2 to 4 weeks, so book in advance. «Human microcirculation – The regulation of flow and beyond» «The best thing about BEMER is that it is so easy to use.

In just eight minutes, twice a day, the patented BEMER signal stimulates your muscle cells for more health and well-being. BEMER Therapy is an FDA Class 2 medical device. Before renting, I highly recommend that you educate yourself about the benefits of BEMER therapy and what you can expect from this free modality.. . . .