Milk Agreement

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Farmer details Farmer name Farmer name: ACN/ABN (if applicable): Address:E-mail:Telephone: processor`s name: ALBA CHEESE MANUFACTURING PTY LTDACN/ABN (if applicable): ABN; 44 619 302 420 Address: 29-33 ASSEMBLY MOTORIZATION TULLAMARINE VIC 3043E-Mail: (03) 9330 2282 1. Agreement 1. This agreement defines the conditions under which the processor is ready to buy milk from the farmer, as required by the competition and consumer legislation (industrial dairy products) of 2019 (code). In accordance with Article 11 of the Code, the farmer and processor must always behave in good faith.3. For the duration of this Agreement, the farmer undertakes to supply milk of the kind, quantity, quality and specifications, and the processor agrees to purchase milk of the kind, quantity, quality and specifications set out in this Agreement at the prices set out in this Agreement or calculated in accordance with this Agreement.4. This Agreement consists of those conditions, the Annex and the Annexes, in accordance with Section 22(b) of a milk supply agreement, shall not allow a processor to unilaterally amend or terminate a milk supply contract, except: The Code of Conduct for the Dairy Industry (the Code or Mandatory Code) is a branch code which deals with the behaviour of farmers and dairy processors. I regulate it. The code is adopted on 1 January The aim of improving the clarity and transparency of trade agreements between dairy farmers and processors entered into force on 1 January 2020. The MVP is your gateway to understanding the many factors that influence your milk price and how they can influence decision-making the next time you sign a milk delivery contract. Combined with the details of your processor, farmgate Milk Price Tool creates a weighted average milk value for a farm like yours and shows you all the milk prices available from different dairy processors in your area. However, there will be no specific milk price offer. The Milk Value Portal (MVP), developed by the Australian Federation of Products, was created to give farmers a better understanding and transparency of milk prices on the farm. This does not prevent a processor from agreeing with a farmer to amend the agreement, for example.

B to increase the minimum price. This section contains a list of dairy processors provided by NSW dairy farmers and links to their milk delivery contracts containing their minimum milk price. It also provides information on the code of conduct for the dairy industry and a reflection for dairy farmers who evaluate milk delivery contracts. A loyalty payment under the Code is any amount to be paid to the farmer under the agreement, as the contract is not terminated before the expiry of the delivery period. The Farmgate Milk Price tool on this portal allows dairy farmers to assess the current value of their milk based on location, farm size, calf model, milk quality and components. This Milk Supply Agreement («Agreement») will be entered into on November 23, 1, 2004, signed by and between Dairy Farmers of America, Inc., a cooperative marketing association in Kansas («Seller») and Eagle Family Foods, Inc., a Delaware company («Buyer»). The buyer wishes to purchase unprocessed «A» Class Milk («Demand Milk») from the seller. Seller wishes to deliver all quantities of drinking milk to buyer`s processing plant in El Paso, Texas (the «Plant»). The code contains a number of sections relating to the minimum price. These include provisions on step-downs and an obligation for milk delivery contracts to set the minimum price. The obligation to include a minimum price applies to all milk delivery contracts. .

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