Unicom Product License Agreement

octubre 13, 2021 leedeforest

The Ericsson Radio System product portfolio will facilitate the 5G RAN autonomous (SA) construction of CSPs. 3.5GHz and 200MHz broadband 5G radio solutions will meet common network deployment needs for high call volumes, while 2.1GHz-5GHz radio solutions support the mixed use of 3G, 4G and 5G networks. This will help China Telecom and China Unicom quickly reach a breadth and depth of coverage. All intellectual property rights in the software and documentation that may be downloaded from this site belong to UNICOM or its suppliers. Test software downloaded from this website is usually made available without warranty for a period of 30 days, but not more than 90 days. Non-test software downloaded by existing customers is provided in accordance with the terms of their customer license agreement and, if no customer license agreement has been signed, any software made available is provided «as intended» without warranty until a customer license agreement is signed. China Telecom has also opted for 5G Core wallet solutions. These include Cloud Packet Core, Cloud Unified Data Management, and policy products based on cloud-nativity technology for operational efficiency and agility for the introduction of new 5G services. The 5G Core network comes with Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration over NFVI. In 2009, China Unicom (Hong Kong) entered into a $1 billion cross-holding with Spain`s Telefónica. [30] In January 2011, the two partners agreed on an additional commitment of $500 million, which Telefónica will hold 9.7% in China Unicom (H.K.) at the end of 2011, while Red Chip will hold a 1.4% stake in the Spanish company.

[31] The companies also agreed to deepen their cooperation in areas such as public procurement, mobile service platforms, services to IMC wholesale operators, roaming, technology and other parties in which the two companies have been cooperating since the signing of their Strategic Alliance Agreement. [32] [33] Ericsson will work with China Telecom and China Unicom to use Ericsson radio system products and solutions, including Ericsson Spectrum Sharing, when introducing 5G throughout China. . . .